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Website promotion

The Basis for the success of any sites on the Internet is its visual design and proper presentation of information. SEO-promotion of a web project is the optimization of sites and the output to high positions in search engines. In order to achieve this, it is necessary, first of all, to determine the target audience and choose the right spelling-correctly written text for it. Then define and distribute keywords evenly across the text.

Increase the flow of customers

Today, more and more companies and brands strive to have their own website that would advertise their products, expand the sales market and most importantly — bring additional revenue. Therefore, you should approach creating your own web resource especially professionally.
design Studio "Print-Mania" Ivanovo will perform a whole set of certain activities in order to promote your sites in the search results:
Внутренняя оптимизация сайта


Internal optimization

- Analyze the topics and features of your direction
- Form and correctly distribute the semantic core on the site
- Prepare a unique text optimized for the requests of promoted pages
- Eliminate errors on the site and conduct technical optimization
- if necessary, we communicate with the technical support of your hosting


External optimization

- Register in white directories and directories
- Analyze the link mass of your site, as well as the main competitors
- write unique texts Monthly and publish
- We check the quality of the reference structure and the presence of filters
Внешняя оптимизация сайта
Коммерческие факторы SEO


Commercial factor

- Connecting Analytics and statistics services
- Comparing the functionality of your site with competitors
- Optimizing the display on various devices
- Tracking traffic and user behavior on your portal


Early result

The results of the complex work of promotion in the TOP 10 can be evaluated in the fourth month.

- evaluation of the result
- Analysis of implemented improvements
- Preparation of a work plan for implementation based on the analysis
Первые результаты SEO сайта

Site SEO schemes

There are different ways and methods of promoting a web resource. In the environment of SEO optimizers, they are divided into" white"," black "and" gray " methods of promotion. The design Studio "Print Mania" uses "white" methods of promotion in its work, since they do not contradict the "laws" of search engines and are considered the most effective.

from 4 months
  • There is no more effective method than promoting articles at the moment. After all, purchased links are constantly filtered, and the natural appearance of articles does not arouse suspicion from search engines. But you can't stop here, you should definitely develop your site's resource.
  • Dignities:
  • - output pages to the TOP
  • - use unique articles
  • - post articles forever
  • Drawback:
  • - expensive cost per item
from 6 months
  • The number of clicks from the search engine depends on both the quality of the content and the number and quality of purchased links. The greater the number of sites, blogs and other resources referenced in your web project, so it is more useful and more important for end users.
  • Dignities:
  • - always work
  • Disadvantages:
  • - high cost
  • - require extension
  • - only relevant for Google
permanent job
  • Similarly, links will be purchased for perpetual links. Links are purchased on specialized automatic promotion services, but only when payment is stopped, they are removed and a sharp decline in positions is possible, as well as the site is likely to fall under filters.
  • Dignities:
  • - Favorable price
  • - Tracking system
  • - Automatic mode
  • Disadvantages:
  • they require constant
    payment of rent
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Promoting successfully

There are many ways to promote a site, from contextual advertising to placing banners to attract visitors. However, many of these methods have their disadvantages. And the biggest drawback is that these methods require considerable investment. Naturally, not every site owner can afford such costs. This is due to the fact that there are a lot of people who want to increase the traffic to their sites.
But remember: site Promotion will not cost just contextual advertising, you need to use all methods to attract visitors.
If users get to your site from contextual advertising and see that it is empty, they will not come here for a long time. This means that the site must always have content. Moreover, the information content must be constantly updated.
Keep in mind that search robots do not index sites on a daily basis. If such a robot does not find anything when it looks at your resource, it will remember it. It will be a long time before they visit your site again.
Therefore, promotion and promotion should start after all its pages are filled. Certain rules must be followed for texts on websites. For example, the text should contain a certain number of keywords, and it is desirable to highlight them in the texts. You should also keep in mind that keywords should be fairly light and do not refer to scientific or technical terms.

Main stages of promotion

Of course, to get a really beautiful and attractive site, you need to put a lot of effort. But if it will bring profit and popularity, then the money and time spent on development will be worth it and then pay for themselves very, very quickly.


7 days

We will conduct an internal optimization audit
Forming a semantic core
optimizing the structure
Draw up a technical task for completion
Fix technical errors
Enabling Analytics



up to 2 months

Optimize the display of various devices
Get Analytics of current indicators and positions
Let's write unique texts for the semantic core
Let's work out the title, description, and keywords


from 2 months

SEO promotion according to the selected scheme
Filling in new articles
Registration in white catalogs, forums and thematic sites
Monitoring of competitors



Результат SEO

What will you get as a result of?

Traffic growth

Your site will be in significantly higher positions in the search results than before optimization

The stability of sales

SEO cannot be shut off as is, after completion of the work on the website there is a constant traffic

Sales growth

More visitors will generate a greater number of purchases

We use a unique method

Website Promotion is necessary for you and your project to be noticed by Internet users. After optimization, writing texts and competent promotion, carried out with the help of our specialists, your web project will appear in the search engine results and will be able to take a leading position there. We use our own unique method of increasing the authority of Internet projects. Thanks to it, we bring projects to the top with minimal costs for clients and in a short time. Contact us if you want to see your site on the first lines in search engines.
One of the most important components of SEO promotion and site optimization is filling them with high-quality texts. To promote the project, we attract experienced SEO copywriters who can, on the one hand, make the text literate and attractive to readers, and on the other – optimized for search robots ' queries. This means that the resource will be well received by users.
Modern SEO promotion is tied to making sites most relevant to the user's interests. The client should get on the pages what they are looking for in the search engine. Therefore, for promotion and optimization, you need to create unique and interesting content, as well as make the service as convenient as possible. In addition to texts, we can make graphic content for you, convenient software modules, and much more.
Another important point of our strategy for promotion and optimization is working with program code and meta tags. In some cases, in order to make pages meet the requirements of search engines, you have to make significant changes to the software, sometimes change the design and structure of sections. There is no need to be afraid of such changes. Our Studio employs professional programmers and designers who can handle the promotion and optimization in a short time.
But getting started on the promotion and SEO optimization of a page on the Internet is always an analysis of competitors ' activities and compiling a core of queries. We will prepare such a core using professional software. Our SEO specialists will weed out the unnecessary, leaving the exact semantic core that best meets your project. You can use it to create a new structure or make changes to an existing one.
We will be able to clarify All the details of the work after we get acquainted with your project and analyze it. Contact us if you have any questions about the promotion and optimization methods.
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Answers to frequently asked questions

What is Seo?
This is just site promotion or site optimization. It does not matter what it is called, because it all fits the main goal, it is to win a good and strong position of the site on the requests of Internet users, to search engine results. The ultimate goal of all these movements is the same: advertising services and products to the largest number of visitors to your site.



The name contextual advertising is given to this type of advertising because such advertising fits well into the context of a particular page, that is, if a certain category of people visit the page, then this category of visitors will see the ad.
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